LMP 2014

Philosophy of Logic, Mathematics, and Physics Graduate Conference

June 5-6, 2014

Western University, Stevenson Hall, Room 1145

With Keynote Address from Doreen Fraser (University of Waterloo)

“Renormalization Group Methods as a Case Study of the Applicability of Mathematics in Physics”

Held in conjunction with the Metaphysics within and without Physics Conference (June 7-8, 2014)

June 5, 2014

9:30 am         Matthias Jenny (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) “Alethic Black Holes”
10:45 am  Nathan Kellen (University of Connecticut)“Logical Pluralism, Alethic Pluralism and Intuitionistic Logic”
11:45 am   Lunch
1:00 pm   Daniel Malinsky (Carnegie Mellon University) “Hypothesis Testing, “Dutch Book” Arguments, and Risk”
2:15 pm   James Fraser (University of Leeds)“Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Finite Systems”
3:30 pm   Keynote Address: Doreen Fraser (University of Waterloo)   “Renormalization Group Methods as a Case Study of the Applicability of Mathematics in Physics”
5:00 pm   Dinner

June 6, 2014

9:30 am         Thomas Moller-Nielson (Oxford University)                          “On the Invariance Principle”
10:45 am  James Binkoski (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)“On the Viability of Galilean Relationalism”
11:45 am   Lunch
1:00 pm   Joshua Eisenthal (University of Pittsburgh)“The Problem of Space”
2:15 pm   Katie Robertson (Oxford University)  “Can Ahoronov’s Two-time Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Solve the Measurement Problem?”
3:15 pm   Awarding of the Robert K. Clifton Memorial Book Prize     Winner: James Fraser

This conference is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), The Rotman Institute of Philosophy, The Department of Philosophy, The Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and The Faculty of Science.


Melissa Jacquart (chair), Olivia Komorowski, Josh Luczak, Nathan Moore, Jared Richards, and Jessey Wright